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Our Story

Our Extraordinary Story

Our story began in 2007 when our founder Vikram Saxena left the corporate world to focus on creating superior tech solutions for business.

After successfully delivering the first of its kind ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) Platform for Tech Data, we launched a new division focused on creating bespoke eCommerce websites for our clients.

But seeing the many problems and headaches of ecommerce solutions, In 2016, we leveraged our experience to build an omnichannel commerce platform that would give the power of large scale enterprises to mid-size companies, Then we were known as OmniCX, but we later changed the name to better commerce, simply because it is a better commerce platform.

We know this might be a bold claim, but we have the proof to back it up.

Our pilot customer grew their eCommerce business by 70%

within their first year with us, so we knew our platform worked.

70% Increase in Sales

Since then, our platform has improved year-on-year. The results we have achieved for our clients have been transformational for them. We have achieved an industry leading customer satisfaction of 100% which of course is not normal but then again, we never set out to be normal.

customer satisfaction

We are not normal

We are fanatical about making you happy.
That’s why we have achieved an industry leading
100% customer satisfaction.

Our Story

Our Core Team

vikram saxena, CEO & Founder
Vikram Saxena
CEO & Founder

Vikram is a techie by passion and entrepreneur by profession having more than 23 years’ experience working in Retail & Distribution businesses across the Globe. Vikram splits his time between his offices in New Delhi and London and will be at your side every step of the way.

Finlay Mure, VP, UK Operations
Finlay Mure
VP, UK Operations

Finlay has 15 years of commercial leadership experience in the retail and tech industry. He is passionate about advising clients at the intersection of scaling and business restraints. Finlay is also our resident BBQ master. So, if you like burgers, you’re in for a treat.

Sanjay Kumar, Project Manager
Sanjay Kumar
Project Manager

Sanjay is a dynamic and self-motivated individual with significant e-commerce product management experience. He is skilled in IT Service Management, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Project Coordination.


BetterCommerce is more than just a
commerce platform.

It’s an All-in-one solution with a dedicated team
behind you, working 24/7 to make you so happy
you would never think of leaving us.

  • Mission
    We Push Commerce
    Forward by empowering
    our partners to perform better

  • Vision
    We Push Commerce
    We are here to Push Commerce
    Forward by empowering our
    partners to perform better, with a
    flexible and transparent solution that provides: Empowerment We are here to help you increase performance Transparency We help you make informed decisions Partnership Your success is our success Flexibility We serve you, not us