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Our CEO and Founder Vikram Saxena was interviewed by the Retail Times on a key subject that deserves more attention – The Future of the High street.

So, can the high street be saved? Does it have the capacity or the will to change? In truth, it doesn’t have any choice; it’s do or die.

Vikram Saxena, CEO BetterCommerce

Some of the key themes discussed were:

  • What products are likely to be sold on the high street
  • The pace at which retailers have to innovate
  • The role of more centralised fulfilment centres
  • Changing expectations of the consumer
  • Personalisation and its role on the high-street

To read the full article please click the link below.

About the author

Prior to joining BetterCommerce Finlay was implementing same day delivery propositions for brands and retailers across the UK and Europe. With 16 years of commercial leadership experience across the media, digital, IoT and e-commerce industries he is playing a strategic role in developing and executing our GTM activities.

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