Whilst online retailers take stock of their relative successes and challenges as a result of last weekend’s mammoth four-day sales extravaganza, it will be interesting to note how net sales compare to last year’s record £2.63 billion ($3.34 billion)* haul.

Whilst the general trend indicates online sales over the Black Friday / Cyber Monday are on the upward trend, it would seem that the technology that is supporting this growth is not necessarily as predictable**.

Due to being “overwhelmed with customers” The Perfume Shop’s website crashed on black Friday morning leaving customers extremely frustrated that they were unable to complete their Black Friday orders, presumably at a great loss of both revenue and customer loyalty to the Perfume Shop.

The Perfume Shop’s woes became their main competitor’s gain. Over at The Fragrance Shop HQ in Manchester, Black Friday came and went without a hitch. It could be said that this should be expected from any website platform built to provide online sales, in reality this is not often the case due to hosting and scalability limitations. Consider that fact that The Fragrance Shop’s online revenue on Black Friday nearly doubled from 2016, and the fact that not a single technical support call was received during the busiest trading day in The Fragrance Shop’s history, and you wonder how they did it.

Supported by BetterCommerce’s eCommerce platform, The Fragrance Shop have grown their online sales Year on Year by 50% since the initial roll out. Also leading to a 60% increase in conversion rate, the BetterCommerce platform is TFS’s key asset in competing online according to Julian Holt, CTO “ The BetterCommerce platform is the technology that enables our business to put the customer’s experience at the heart of everything we do – mobile, web and in-store.“

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