Many people say that data is the currency of the future. Well, the future is now.

As a business, data is your holy grail. From it, you can use analytics techniques to maximize customer lifetime value, protect existing revenue streams and create insights that your organisation can follow. All to stay relevant In today’s digital-focused market.

That’s why we have created the Customer 360 tool. It allows both users and business professionals a complete view of each customer’s profile and history. In turn, supporting personalised customer experiences and marketing all whilst being GDPR compliant.

By using our Customer 360 tool, you will be presented with a list of all the customers who have given you permission to use their data. By selecting one of them you will be able to see all the information your website has for that person.

This information will include the basic details of the customer. Such as their contact information, general profile and timeline of their activities on your website.

There will also be more detailed analysis for you to look through. This will range from the revenue gained through the customer, the channels they land on your site from, and their favourite products and brands they have viewed.

The unique aspect about this tool is that your customers can see everything you can. BetterCommerce has created a button on the page that you will be able to click to view information in the customer’s point of view.

For GDPR compliance, users will be able to download their history or delete their entire digital footprint on your site. They can also customise their marketing preferences to create a personalised shopping experience.

So, If you’re a business that not only wants to comply with GDPR but also wants to strengthen customer relationships, contact us today at and arrange your free demo.

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