Is open source software that you customise a devil in disguise or a blessing? OSS is free to use and/or share around with others, and that seems fantastic. However, it may not be as free on your time or your resources. As you know with any business decision, there are hidden costs where you least expect them, and this is clear when you look more closely at customising open source software.

OSS is generally speaking, easy to use, simple to manipulate, and a good way to try before you buy into premium versions. You just need to bear in mind that OSS should be a stop-gap, an introduction, and a free education to prepare for the more robust software available, not a foundation to build your technology on. Otherwise, you will live in a house of cards – not a peaceful place to be.

Here’s why.

Compatibility issues

Is OSS as universally compatible as it claims to be? Perhaps not. For example, it might end up dictating to you what systems you can buy when you are upgrading your hardware, because contrary to the concept, open source software is not as compatible with some operating systems. The likes of Apple, for instance, have their brand of OSS – but it’s just the way Apple likes it. Not all OSS is created equal, and not all play so well with others.

Plugin headaches

If you use tools like WordPress, nopCommerce, OpenCart and WooCommerce, as examples, then you may know how many plugins you have to employ to customise and make things work well. But when you buy, are you ready to juggle upwards of 100 plugins? That number sounds excessive, but when you consider the personalisation of eCommerce platforms, CMS (content management system), shopping carts, global shipping, transaction tracking, blog content, and multiple customised variants, it’s easy to hit that number, leading to a plugin pile-up.

When plugins rapidly accrue, they cause trouble. You may need to attempt to update and enable one feature after another and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of it all. Which features are activated and which ones are dormant? It’s not crazy to find you have 50+ plugins added to your legacy tech system that will be out of date and doing nothing well.

Incompatibility with other web browsers, webpages, and applications is frustrating when you think this cool new plugin has solved an annoying problem, that it hasn’t.

And what about glitches, constant updating, maintenance, broken code, and so on? You can’t rely on plugins for consumer experience and smooth transitions from browsing, to the shopping cart, to the ‘buy now’ button. You need a failsafe. Three words: avoid the trap.

The plugin solution

With BetterCommerce, you won’t need superfluous plugins and an extra failsafe. You can have a modular system that integrates with any tools you like for your business tech suite. That means a smooth transition from OSS and exponential plugins to professional software that seamlessly connects your marketing, payment, accounting, and all critical business needs.

Connect with BetterCommerce now for a free consultative demo, supportive service, and a glimpse into your successful future.

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