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Whatever market your brand is in, the need to have an ecommerce website built around an effective customer journey map is now more vital than ever. Names like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are now permanently etched into our minds due to the products and services we use everyday that we didn’t even know would benefit our lives in the ways in which they do. This is why using the right ecommerce platform is crucial. Here is how BetterCommerce can help retailers hit the ground running whilst adapting to the consumer.

According to many statistics found online, around 20% of people clicking onto a website will have already decided they would rather be somewhere else. In ecommerce, this number is significantly higher. With all the constant noise and over saturation of detail on the internet, transforming attention into valuable information can be quite challenging as it is.

The customer experience with a brand in real life is vital for conversions, the same can be said about the customer journey through a website. A great experience is about ensuring consumers enjoy the experience of shopping with a brand, that they’re able to find the products they’re after (that too, that they’re available) and if they’re able to find help if they have questions.

Offline brands understand and acknowledge the psychological needs and wants of their consumers, which subsequently allows them to amplify their conversions. They take the likes of aesthetically enhanced store layouts, good customer service and design layouts to be vital in pulling in consumers. In the same way, brands that focus on online endeavours must follow suit. With BetterCommerce, brands are able to focus on grand designs of their website as this plays a significant role in whether or not conversion rates will be high or low.

The customer journey changes at all stages, as most of us are already aware. One slip up from a brand can cause regression in a journey, with consumers opting for other brands to convert with instead. With a customer journey map, brands are able to determine where users are coming from, how many days and/or visits they take to move to the next touchpoint and what the final goal is for each user.

With BetterCommerce, brands are able to establish whether or not touchpoint paths have been properly defined. On this dynamic platform, questions such as ‘what brought a customer to your website’, ‘where did they spend the longest’ and ‘what helped them in their purchasing decision’ can be answered. By monitoring behavioural flow in the sales funnel, brands can visualise how their target customers are moving around their websites, which helps to understand their consumer psychology.

The emphasis for BetterCommerce operates around a headless commerce strategy. This unique approach is one that separates the back end complexities from the front end. This allows brands to put their customers and the paths they take towards their final goal, at the heart of everything they do. This therefore allows firms to visualise their customers’ journeys to ensure seamless content, promotions and effective touchpoints at every stage.

Contact the BetterCommerce team today to find out more about headless commerce and how we can help with your ecommerce customer journey today.

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