Within just a year of working together, BetterCommerce has helped Forever Unique achieve significant results. With an improved eCommerce platform, page views have gone up by 81%, and the bounce rate has reduced by 52%.

Forever Unique has also seen its conversion rate go up by 26%, with more customers continuing their checkout journey and making a purchase. Customers are far happier with their purchases too, evident with the return rate decreasing by 40%. Overall, Forever Unique has seen its revenue increase by 15%.

Building upon strong foundations

Established by Seema Malhotra and her husband Sandeep in 2008, Forever Unique has paved the way for accessible and affordable designer fashion, being a go-to brand for celebrities on the red carpet and empowering women through the power of beautiful clothes.

The company was forced to make decisions about upgrading its legacy eCommerce solution. It was a struggle to manage different systems that weren’t cohesive — Magento, Prima Solutions, Sage, and 10 other plugins all piled on top of each other — with the buying team managing product information with several disconnected spreadsheets. There were also a host of technical challenges that were taking up the senior management’s time.

As the company was operating both B2B and B2C business models, it needed a holistic view of operations and customers. It wanted to centralize information across B2B and B2C, automate order fulfillment processes and deliver excellent customer experiences on mobile and online. However, legacy technology and data silos were holding it back, and when the teams tried to implement any kind of change, it would take weeks.

The company initially explored a range of options from well-known e-commerce vendors, but there were a few reservations. There was a lack of clarity about development costs and control of spend, and the team wanted the high-level engagement to be able to communicate challenges and requirements, but that proved to be hard to find.

Designing a tailored solution for Forever Unique

BetterCommerce worked with Forever Unique to implement a mobile-first website that would better serve customers that wanted to make purchases on the move. Several processes were automated within product management. This included every step from the initial concept, sampling, approval, purchasing, content enrichment, and launching on the website all the way through to visual merchandising.

Forever Unique was provided with a fully managed inventory solution that delivered accurate inventory levels across all channels, including its website and B2B sales functions. Its warehouse operations all became paperless, with a mobile scanner for product barcodes and pick-pack-ship process, and a label generator for the returns process.

It quickly became apparent that BetterCommerce’s robust e-commerce platform and industry-specific technology expertise would lead to a winning formula for Forever Unique.

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A major boost to all key performance indicators

BetterCommerce simplified the way Forever Unique runs its business. Instead of struggling with complex legacy technology and siloed data, the company now operates a simple, time-saving, and bespoke technology package.

Within a few months of launching, Forever Unique achieved the key results that it had been striving towards. The ability to manage business models using one platform, not two, has reduced operations overheads by almost half. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) has been cut by 60% in areas including hosting fees, developer costs, software licenses, upgrades, and the fixing of technical issues.

The BetterCommerce team also supported Forever Unique in its seamless transition from a traditional wholesale to a B2C model. Within a year, page views have gone up by 81%, with revenue increasing by 15%.

Taking a deeper look at the data, Forever Unique has seen many significant results. With an improved platform, customers are now more likely to stay on the website and take an action like clicking through to another page, and as a result, the bounce rate has been reduced by 52%. The company has also seen its conversion rate increase by 26%, with more customers continuing their checkout journey and making a purchase. Transactions have gone up by 35%, and customers are far happier with their purchases too, evident with the return rate decreasing by 40%.


BetterCommerce has added a significant amount of value and will continue to help Forever Unique grow. With a more adaptable and responsive platform, the company can now provide high-quality, seamless experiences to a fast-growing customer base.

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